Our Guide to Success

We want to help you improve so you can be in with a chance of being promoted to BetAdvisor. We're looking for consistency and a steady profit from our tipsters, this shows us that you can be relied upon again and again to pick a winner.

Here's some examples of what we're looking for and what to avoid.

Graph 1 - This is a good graph to try to model. There are jumps that go up, but at the same time, there are little dips, but nothing too substantial. A tipster like this takes some risk and sometimes loses but the losses are small and he won't take large, unnecessary risks.

Graph 2 - This display is a good steady increase. This means lower risk, but a high hit rate. This is something we look for as well.

Graph 3 - We are not looking for a tipster who gets high yield based on very risky picks and the occasional win. This graph shows too much volatility. Clients are looking for consistency and this is the opposite.

Graph 4 - This is a tipster who can't generate steady profit. They make great progress in the beginning, but after that, it's steady without significant increase.